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We used the rest of the website to inform you what we know, which services we provide, who we work with. We also shared a bit about our culture and people in Logeecom. Therefore, we chose not to repeat it here but to tell you something you cannot find on other pages of our website (at least not explicitly stated).

In this section, we focus on some statements that might seem “slightly over the edge.” However, they are indeed true and provide meaningful insights about Logeecom as a company and its people.

to begin with No

but Yes

to begin with
we are not here only to serve our customers
we build mutually beneficial relationships
Logeecom is not saving the world, nor are we doing enough
we’d like to see light at the end of the “game theory tunnel”
we do not hire only the best of the best
we hire highly competent people by looking for the right attitude and then train for skill
and, finally
we did not want to put YESes first
we do know that this would be recommended course of action according to neuromarketing

Meet the team of dedicated and dynamic leaders responsible for the vision, strategy and key operations of Logeecom.

Miloš Mijajlović
Miloš Mijajlović CEO
Olaf Schreiber
Olaf Schreiber Head of Consulting & CEO Germany
Andrija Papić
Andrija Papić Chief Engineering Officer
Predrag Krstojević
Predrag Krstojević Chief Customer Officer

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