Performance powered by knowledge

We are persistent in using knowledge and continually enhancing our performance

We are a software development company applying accumulated knowledge and industry expertise to create efficient, reliable and elegant e-business solutions. Working with passion and dedication, we are thrilled to tackle challenging problems. Adhering to solid engineering principles, we are producing enduring solutions enabling optimal user experience and software performance.

We have implemented company-wide knowledge management policies and practices that support the steady growth of our business and consistent professional development of each team member.


Our vision is Logeecom as a company distinct for:

Team of people guided by logical reasoning

Knowledge culture

Partnership ethics

Diligently developed products and solutions

Core values


Ability to stand for and justify the attitude or opinion with adequate information in a rational way.


Our main asset. We build it, share it and eventually monetize it.


Dedication to systematic work in producing substantial and lasting outcomes and business relationships.

Critical Thinking

Responsibility in reassessing every decision, received instruction and action based on facts.