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Making informed decisions, driving innovation and staying competitive in today’s business landscape all depend on our ability to systematically capture, organize and leverage collective knowledge.

Systematic knowledge management constantly shapes our service portfolio and drives our internal processes. Currently, we focus primarily on the following four knowledge areas:

Staying on top of the game in each of these areas is a challenging endeavor, especially because they are directly influenced by exponential technologies. Outstanding individuals, solid processes, and our developed network of partners and external consultants certainly facilitate constant transformation.

Service as of now: A hybrid interplay of human creativity and artificial intelligence

Welcome to a space where knowledge meets innovation. As Head of Consulting, I've seen firsthand how the world of knowledge management has evolved. This discipline, once entirely human-centric, is now a playground for automation and artificial intelligence (AI). In the past, knowledge was documented manually, taught in classrooms and stored in physical spaces. Today, however, AI is at the helm, changing the way we generate, curate, disseminate and store knowledge. With AI, we are no longer just managing data, but a living, evolving entity. But let's face it, keeping up with exponential technology is like running on a treadmill that keeps speeding up. Just when you think you've grasped a concept, it's already outdated. It's challenging, it's relentless, and it's the exciting reality we live in. Our strength lies in our outstanding people, efficient processes and extensive network of partners and consultants. But we also appreciate the challenge of constant change — something that is deeply rooted in my German engineering mentality. We respect tradition, precision and methodical approaches, but is this ethos making the fast-moving AI revolution difficult for us? Indeed, that may be the case. Here's my challenge to you, and perhaps it's provocative: let's break out of the comfort of the conventional, out of the familiarity of the known. Our traditional engineering spirit is brilliant, but it's time we allow it to adapt — to be flexible in the face of AI-driven change. Our journey into the future of knowledge management is not just about how we can use AI to revolutionize engineering. It's about how we can break our molds, adapt and embrace the dynamic future. We look forward to navigating this exciting and challenging ocean of knowledge with you. Welcome aboard. Olaf Schreiber Head of Consulting and CEO Logeecom Deutschland

The paradox of knowledge is that it grows while it is shared

Sharing knowledge is like planting a seed — when spread and cultivated through collaboration, it grows into a thriving garden for new ideas, perspectives and insights that benefit both our company and our entire business network.

In times of ever-increasing digital requirements, as a globally active company specialising in "phase one" projects in the field of architecture and urban development, we are grateful for the many years of successful cooperation with our IT partner and its "logical" team.

Dipl. Ing. Benjamin Hossbach / CEO [phase eins].
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In our FAQ section, we strive to provide answers to some of the most common and interesting questions that may be relevant to the visitors of this site. Our ambition to eliminate (or at least reduce) pollution from information overload is our guiding principle for online and offline communication and is scrupulously adhered to in this area as well.

  • How are the four knowledge areas defined, and how do they relate to each other?

    Although there are no strict boundaries between the four main knowledge areas in our organization, we have defined them to enhance our knowledge management process. Each category is treated with minor variations, but an overarching knowledge management process is consistently followed. It is important to note that there is overlap between the categories and that certain knowledge may be relevant to several areas at the same time. Our aim is to ensure that knowledge can be efficiently organized and easily shared within the organization, regardless of which area it relates to.

  • What is the current state of AI integration in the knowledge management process?

    It is quite clear that recent breakthroughs in AI will have a positive impact on our ability to manage knowledge in organizations more efficiently and effectively. Logeecom has already allocated resources to R&D efforts to monitor the progress of the AI ecosystem and test the application of LLMs and other relevant AI technologies in the knowledge management space. In short, the potential is there, and we encourage bold experimentation, but ensuring the stability of knowledge management processes remains our top priority.

  • Does Logeecom offer knowledge management consultancy services?

    Knowledge management consulting services are not a standard offering in our portfolio, but we are always willing to share our insights and expertise with our clients and partners.