Web, Cloud and Mobile solutions

Our software development services are a tailwind keeping you up to the challenge in fast-changing e-business world

Custom software

diligently engineered and tested

Development of new products/solutions

We design and build software products and custom solutions that solve a range of tough problems, meet ever-rising user expectations and generate worthwhile business outcomes.

Improvement of existing products/solutions

Our team provides strategic engineering support in terms of improving solution stability and performance, code optimization, UX/UI enhancements and new features development.

Web shops and marketplaces

providing unique online shopping experience to your customers

Web shop / marketplace development

Optimization and maintenance

Plugin development

Thanks to our expertise with different web shop development platforms and related web development technologies, we are able to design and build online shopping systems tailored to your specific requirements. Additionally, we are experienced in optimizing and maintaining existing web shops and marketplaces, as well as in developing custom plugins and extensions.

e-business integrations

of vital importance for market success of any e-business product

Wealth of experience with different e-business systems, proven process of work and more than 100 successful integrations guarantee a smooth integration of your product into any targeted system.

For more information please visit:  integrations.logeecom.com