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The pace of change in today’s business landscape has accelerated to an unprecedented degree. Helping customers stay ahead of the curve requires the ability to quickly adapt the services portfolio.

Our services are based on a constantly evolving body of knowledge that needs to keep pace with the changing business landscape. We currently classify our services into four groups:

We are aware that this kind of static classification is only an approximation for presentation purposes. The truth is that we embark on a journey of co-creation with each of our clients, shaping our services to meet the unique challenges they face. We believe that effective communication is the cornerstone of any fruitful collaboration, and our ability to truly understand our clients’ needs is the foundation for delivering valuable services.

Trust but verify

The most relevant stories about our services are written and told by our customers, so feel free to explore our references while we look forward to writing new ones with you.

We’ve been working with Logeecom for several years now and have consistently found them to be a reliable partner for mollie. Their ability to understand our needs and deliver expected results has made them a valuable part of our partner ecosystem. We appreciate their long-term approach and commitment to our success. We highly recommend Logeecom to any company looking for a dependable partner.

Integration Manager / Sebastián Michaud Fernández
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In our FAQ section, we strive to provide answers to some of the most common and interesting questions that may be relevant to the visitors of this site. Our ambition to eliminate (or at least reduce) pollution from information overload is our guiding principle for online and offline communication and is scrupulously adhered to in this area as well.

  • How do you deal with IT security and GDPR compliance?

    Our general IT security architecture and base set of policies are specifically designed to support our business operations. Currently, we are also able to model specific IT security architectures (based on the general architecture) and expand the base set of policies for each specific customer. As far as GDPR compliance is concerned, we have a DPA (data processing agreement) in place with most of our clients, which also includes the Data Transfer Impact Assessment. Of course, IT security is a dynamic area, and our staff dedicated to IT security are constantly expanding their skills to meet our clients’ expectations.

  • Do you offer the modernization of legacy systems?

    Yes. While many software engineers prefer to work on greenfield projects, we believe that some of the most impressive engineering skills are demonstrated on so-called “brownfield” projects. Our business analysis and project management capabilities allow us to successfully work alone or together with the client to modernize their legacy systems.

  • What are your pricing models?

    We offer both time and material pricing and fixed price models for our projects. The pricing model is selected based on the client’s needs and the project requirements.