A new era of digitalization begins

Time and again, we must challenge our preconceptions of what can be achieved and dare to redefine boundaries.

Delivering innovative business solutions through human-AI synergy.

We leverage our knowledge to provide a wide range of services, which we broadly categorize as digital transformationproduct developmente-commerce, and application integration.

What makes us special is our ability to…

…help our clients identify and focus on the right challenges
…use individual ingenuity, AI technology and group dynamics optimization techniques to arrive at adequate solution concepts
…provide the necessary resources for solution implementation, maintenance and support

In addition, we strive to research various topics of particular interest that we consider essential for the further improvement of our company as well as other social structures that affect our daily lives.

These are the following:

effective communication and group dynamics
knowledge management
complex systems and complexity reduction
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Evolving e-commerce: It’s time for an immersive conversational experience

Is it just us, or does the evolution of Large Language Models (LLMs), paired with the latest movements in the domain of AR and VR, open the doors to a bold reshaping of the e-commerce experience?

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From our library

AntifragileN. N. Taleb

Interesting book that challenges traditional notions of resilience and robustness, introducing a new framework for understanding and thriving in a world of chaos and uncertainty.

Seamless Middle East

14 – 16 MayDubai, UAE


“TellDear” project is being kicked-off

In the digital age, where content abounds, it is of utmost importance to distinguish genuine information from embellished or misleading narratives. The project with the code name “TellDear” is our attempt to tackle this challenge.

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Three factors are fundamental: valuable service, effective communication, and time

Cultivating lasting relationships is our thing, and we’re honored that so many of our customers and partners can attest to our ability to do so. Their continued trust is a testament to our success in building strong, lasting partnerships.

  • Logeecom has truly raised the bar when it comes to the quality of service in the realm of e-business integrations. Their excellent communication and partnership culture made working with them a pleasure, while their reliability ensured that our integration projects were completed on time and to our satisfaction.

    Ana Milosevic / Product Partnerships Lead – EMEA
  • Working with Logeecom is a pleasure! The developers are knowledgeable, creative and always willing to go the extra mile. Clear recommendation.

    Hannes Heilenkötter / CEO blau direkt GmbH
  • Valuing partnership and holistic development, our startup found the perfect ally. Their team provided expertise and feedback, helping us craft a strong go-to-market strategy. Product pros, SW architects, and tech leads worked closely with us, while engineers transformed our vision into a digital product that exceeded expectations. We highly recommend them for startups seeking a reliable product development partner.

    Maximilian Bastian / CEO
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