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In a time of increasing uncertainty, the concept of long-term investment is not one of the most popular in the business world. Yet time is one of the essential ingredients needed to build a lasting relationship. What else?

The answer to this question is predicated on the understanding that any lasting and successful business relationship requires that both the client and the service provider are satisfied with the value resulting from their collaboration. Therefore, we identify the following two components that complement time:


Providing a valuable service while focusing on mutual success

The initial spark for most business relationships is a combination of a business need and a corresponding ability to meet that need. For us, a more holistic approach that transcends the basic value transaction and focuses on mutual success is a door opener for relationship longevity.


Fostering effective communication

This is easy to say and even easier to put on the website, but the careful study and subsequent implementation of effective communication in organizational (or even personal) culture is a complex task. Thanks to many great scholars and their studies and books (such as Marshall Rosenberg, Daniel Kahneman, Friedemann Schulz von Thun and Paul Watzlawick…) we now have the opportunity to better understand the challenges of human communication and to systematically optimize it. We actively work on this aspect of our relationships and encourage our clients and other partners to open the door for the application of relevant methods and good practices.

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“TellDear” project is being kicked-off

In the digital age, where content abounds, it is of utmost importance to distinguish genuine information from embellished or misleading narratives. The project with the code name “TellDear” is our attempt to tackle this challenge.

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It is not the companies, it is the people with whom we build relationships

We work with companies in different industries and stages of development, from start-ups to multinationals, but our main focus is on building trusting relationships with the people in these companies.

  • We are proud of the relationships we have built with each of our clients and partners. These relationships make our daily work enjoyable and inspire us to push our boundaries even further.

    • Working with Logeecom is a pleasure! The developers are knowledgeable, creative and always willing to go the extra mile. Clear recommendation.

      Hannes Heilenkötter / CEO blau direkt GmbH
    • In times of ever-increasing digital requirements, as a globally active company specialising in “phase one” projects in the field of architecture and urban development, we are grateful for the many years of successful cooperation with our IT partner and its “logical” team.

      Dipl. Ing. Benjamin Hossbach / CEO
    • Our collaboration with Logeecom is productive, effective and fun. The team takes time to understand our requirements and develop suitable solutions. We can recommend Logeecom as a reliable partner.

      Dr. Martin Cames / Senior Researcher Energy & Climate Protection
    • Logeecom’s team exhibits technical prowess and deep understanding of our unique needs as a large legal group. They offer customized solutions for increased efficiency and proactive problem-solving. Overall, I can recommend Logeecom as a competent and reliable IT partner. In addition, the collaboration is fun.

      Dr. Philipp Gehrmann / Executive Committee AG Strafrecht
    • Valuing partnership and holistic development, our startup found the perfect ally. Their team provided expertise and feedback, helping us craft a strong go-to-market strategy. Product pros, SW architects, and tech leads worked closely with us, while engineers transformed our vision into a digital product that exceeded expectations. We highly recommend them for startups seeking a reliable product development partner.

      Maximilian Bastian / CEO
    • Our partnership with Logeecom was characterised by professionalism and commitment from the very beginning. The team quickly got to grips with our requirements and developed innovative solutions that were perfectly tailored to our needs. For us, Logeecom is synonymous with reliability and quality – a clear recommendation!

      Stephan Kück / CEO, COO, CSO
    • Logeecom has truly raised the bar when it comes to the quality of service in the realm of e-business integrations. Their excellent communication and partnership culture made working with them a pleasure, while their reliability ensured that our integration projects were completed on time and to our satisfaction.

      Ana Milosevic / Product Partnerships Lead – EMEA
    • We’ve been working with Logeecom for several years now and have consistently found them to be a reliable partner for mollie. Their ability to understand our needs and deliver expected results has made them a valuable part of our partner ecosystem. We appreciate their long-term approach and commitment to our success. We highly recommend Logeecom to any company looking for a dependable partner.

      Integration Manager / Sebastián Michaud Fernández
    • Our experience in working with Logeecom over the years has been marked exclusively by utmost professionalism and fun cooperation. The partnership has had a profound impact on our technological ecosystem, driving innovation and setting new standards. The seamless communication ensured an efficient collaboration at every step. Looking forward to many more fruitful years ahead.

      Thorsten Meyer / CEO


    In our FAQ section, we strive to provide answers to some of the most common and interesting questions that may be relevant to the visitors of this site. Our ambition to eliminate (or at least reduce) pollution from information overload is our guiding principle for online and offline communication and is scrupulously adhered to in this area as well.

    • Who are you not working with?

      At Logeecom, we adhere to ethical business practices and do not work with clients whose activities could negatively impact the psychosocial well-being of individuals and communities, such as gambling and casinos, arms manufacturers and dealers, predatory multi-level marketing schemes and cyberbullying or harassment companies. While it can be difficult to identify the potential negative impact of certain businesses, we strive to make reasonable efforts to make informed decisions.

    • How do you deal with potential conflicts of interest with clients?

      There are two types of strategies we use to avoid conflicts of interest with clients:

      • Clear guidelines and policy: We do not work with direct competitors of our clients unless we have no direct influence on the market race.
      • Transparent communication: We maintain open and honest communication with our clients and ensure that all potential conflicts of interest are disclosed and discussed in advance.
    • How does your company handle client confidentiality and data privacy?

      Logeecom is committed to upholding client confidentiality and data privacy, complying with all relevant regulations and entering into Non-Disclosure Agreements as well as Data Protection Agreements with clients.

      We employ secure and encrypted data storage solutions to protect client information from unauthorized access and potential breaches. We also engage third-party security experts to regularly audit our systems, processes and practices. With a comprehensive incident response plan, we are prepared to quickly respond to and mitigate potential data breaches or security incidents. Through these measures, we maintain our customers’ trust and protect their sensitive data to the highest possible standards.