Proudly growing to become an exceptional engineer

“What we usually consider as impossible are simply engineering problems… There’s no law of physics preventing them.”

– Michio Kaku

Welcome onboard

We value formal education and look for a great learning potential

Exceptional personal skills

We are happy to welcome new team members with a stable and mature personality, integrity in all deeds, energized and eager to progress in a team environment.

Critical thinking

We find it enormously important that our teammates are capable of disciplined and engaged thinking that is clear, rational, open-minded and informed by evidence.

Formal education

We value a university-level education in software engineering and related disciplines as a reliable basis for achieving a high degree of professional development.

We invest in knowledge

We have developed on-the-job skill-building and mentoring programs

Challenging projects

We make sure our projects bring new challenges that will push engineers to persist in the face of setbacks, invest effort in a quest of mastery and share success with others.

Relevant events

Team members regularly attend industry-focused conferences, seminars and expositions and events to gain fresh insight into market and technology trends and make use of professional networking opportunities.

Individual and group trainings

Our effort to facilitate the engineering excellence goes a long way in developing and executing training programs for technical, industry and general business skills.

We support you on your journey to success

We think that a successful life is about synergistic success in different areas

Flexible career path

We’ll help you define and follow the path that makes the most sense for you, being that towards high-end software engineering, project management, business analysis, product development or business development.

Business idea incubator

While growing your skills, you will gradually gain more self-confidence and experience frequent flows of creativity. We’re ready to support you with the realization of your innovative product or business idea in terms of expertise and resources.

The Balance

Success, as we see it, must not imply a trade off by neglecting any aspect of fulfilling life. Our work is organized in such a way as to enable our people to comfortably make use of their time outside the office for all their personal interests.


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