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Turning great strategies into reality requires efficient execution.

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The importance of good execution is anything but underestimated. In fact, both the narrative and the general understanding of business leaders have shifted towards a state aptly described by Roger L. Martin as “The Execution Trap.” Project management is one of our key knowledge areas and certainly deserves a lot of attention, but we are aware that, without a good strategy, efficient execution can have some negative effects for the organization.

Again, we must emphasize that there is no shortage of very good sources of knowledge. Many methods, best practices, examples, how-tos, how-not-tos…

From our library


One of the main resources for project management. It outlines standards, practices and knowledge areas to drive project success in any industry.

From our library

Agile Estimating and PlanningM. Cohn

Contains practical advice for estimating and planning agile projects while providing methods to deliver iterative value and meet project goals effectively.

Without re-using any of the well-known sources, we would like to highlight several important points that are relevant for the application of project management knowledge in Logeecom.


Above all, it is about effective leadership

Effective leadership is the driving force that motivates the team and steers the project toward its objectives. We have all read countless definitions of a “good leader,” but the truth is that a simplistic application of widely promoted recipes won’t suffice. Exceptional leadership is a rarity in today’s landscape.


Strong focus on effective communication and group dynamics

The importance of communication and group dynamics cannot be overstated. Their crucial role in project management is recognized, but due to the complexity of both topics, it is far from easy to integrate them effectively into daily practice.


Never forget change management

Change management, which is often neglected, plays an important role and is closely tied to project management; both often work in tandem for organizational success. Change management involves understanding and managing the human aspect of change. The goal is to achieve the desired business outcomes while minimizing resistance, enhancing employee engagement and increasing the effectiveness of new processes or systems within the organization.

Synergy of professionals in action

Successfully executed projects are certainly the music to our project managers’ ears, so here are some testimonials that reflect the synergy mentioned above.

Our collaboration with Logeecom is productive, effective and fun. The team takes time to understand our requirements and develop suitable solutions. We can recommend Logeecom as a reliable partner.

Dr. Martin Cames / Senior Researcher Energy & Climate Protection
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In our FAQ section, we strive to provide answers to some of the most common and interesting questions that may be relevant to the visitors of this site. Our ambition to eliminate (or at least reduce) pollution from information overload is our guiding principle for online and offline communication and is scrupulously adhered to in this area as well.

  • Does Logeecom also offer change management services?

    Although change management services are not part of our standard offering, we are always willing to share our insights and expertise with our clients and partners.

  • Which project management methodologies are used on Logeecom projects?

    We select the appropriate project management methodology based on the specific characteristics of the project and customer expectations, including communication, control, schedule, and budget. Each methodology, whether it’s Scrum, RUP, or Waterfall, has its own pros and cons. Our experience from previous projects guides us in our selection of a methodology, helping to ensure the desired results for each specific project.

  • Which project management tools are used in Logeecom’s projects?

    Our team is experienced with various project management tools, including common ones like JIRA and lesser-known options. We can adapt to the customer’s existing tools or recommend appropriate options based on project or organizational needs.

  • Does Logeecom run projects which involve mixed teams (customer’s and Logeecom’s)?

    Absolutely. While mixed teams introduce additional complexity, they can be an optimal way to execute a project successfully.