“TellDear” project is being kicked-off

In the digital age, where content abounds, it is of utmost importance to distinguish genuine information from embellished or misleading narratives. The project with the code name “TellDear” is our attempt to tackle this challenge.

That's where "TellDear" comes in, our AI-driven solution designed to dig deep into any spoken and written information. Leveraging the intellectual backbone of numerous research papers and expert-authored books, “TellDear” goes beyond superficial analysis to uncover logical and cognitive biases, rhetorical manipulation, argumentative (in)coherence and more. Users can opt for a comprehensive report that details every aspect of their content's quality, or they can opt for a brief overview that highlights key metrics. For a visual experience, an intuitive color map displays these metrics, while an overlay feature highlights different areas of text that require attention.

Now that “TellDear” is past the conceptual stage, there is a prototype that provides a foundation for a breakthrough content analytics tool. As we continue to refine this innovation, we are looking for collaborators and visionary investors who share our commitment to improving the standard of information dissemination.

Join us as we redefine text analytics to ensure clarity, credibility and transparency in every piece of content. Experience the power of “TellDear” — where every word counts.